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Power Brush

Compressed Air Attachment
The power unit contains a quick-connect air fitting which
allows compressed air supplied through the cable casing
to a bi-directional air nozzle located behind the brush head.
This speical nozzle helps "blast" the debris loosened by
the power brush into the air stream of the power vacuum.

The cable system enables the operator to reverse the
direction of cable rotation, thereby reaching both sides
of the ductwork. This results in faster and more efficient
cleaning and excellent cable life.

Variable Speed
A DC motor and variables speed control provide constant
torque at all speeds. This enables the operator to adjust
the RPM of the cable and brushes to handle a variety of
duct sizes and materials.

Remote Operation
Brush On/Off and rotation direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise), and
compressed air activation can be done from a compact, handheld remote
control. This remote control unit has a 15?cable to allow the technician better
conrtol and faster response time at the point of brush operation.

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