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Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing  [ Push and Pull Method ]
Provide Duct-Pro Power Brush, Air Booster Gun, Duct Cleaning Robot and HEPA-AIRE vacuum 2500TF to collect the dust and debris from the air duct interiors surface. Sanitize the air duct interiors surfaces with Oxine Sanitizer and seal off the air duct interior surfaces with Foster Duct Liner.
Air Conditioning Cleaning and Maintenance
Air Handling Unit & Water Tower, Fan Coil Unit, Ceiling Bond, Split Type, Window Type, Exhaust Air Fan, Fresh Air Fan, etc.

Kitchen Exhaust Air Duct Cleaning
Clean the Kitchen Exhaust Air Duct with High Performance Steaming Jet and Biodegradable Degreaser.

Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control
Supply labors and materials to clean the carpet with shampooing method and spray approved chemical for pest control purpose.

Room Air Sanitizing
Supply labors and material to spray approved chemical with fogging device to sanitize the room air

Air Sample Testing
IAQ Objectives for Office Buildings and Public Places table by Hong Kong SAR Indoor Air Quality Management Group
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