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Deluxe brush kit includes: 12'
16', 24' brush & 10 ext. rods

Designed exclusively for
duct cleaning. Gasketed,
leak-proof seal.

The perfect fogger for misting
and spraying inside duct work.

DPerfect tool for air washing grills,
blowers and other areas with a
direct blast of high-pressure air.

Not a shop vac. It filters 99.97%
of particles from the air down
to 0.3 microns.

Clean the entire branch run from the
register into the main. For limited
access ducts above plaster ceiling.

Special foaming formulation adheres
to vertical & undersurfaces.

Designed to zone a duct
system into smaller sections.

A) Infiltrates & neutralizes odors in
    HVAC duct work
B) EPA Registered #9804-1 for HVAC
    air duct sanitation
C) EPA Registered #67212-1 for AC
     & humidifying system

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